Life is Like a Storybook Story

I spent many childhood hours sitting on the carpet, way too close to the television, watching Star Trek, Twilight Zone, and other influential fiction — stories that still influence me today. As inspiring as those stories were, I was also moved by the telling of the stories. Star Trek was…

We are the muse that moves mountains.

Storytellers: We are the muse. We are the spark. We are the ones that move mountains, for we are the ones that inspire men and women that mountains can indeed be moved.

Filmmakers, painters, sculptures, and poets. Fiction and fact and prognosticating prose…

Living in the midst of the future

When I started Futures Friday, the intent was to give little glimpses into the science of foresight and futures research. I did this with some posts on X and Y, and then I did a multi-part series on homelessness. All well and good…

JT Mudge

I am an innovator, storyteller, futurist, and problem solver. I have a passion for sustainability and social justice.

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