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Finding others that think differently

When I was growing up, Saturday nights were for sleepovers — staying up in blanket forts watching TV and playing video games for as long as you could stay awake. My best friend and I would switch back and forth between Elvira and Saturday Night Live, and I vowed one day I would be on SNL. Many years later that dream is still in the works, but I did recently achieve another dream goal, being a guest on FuturePod.

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I get to learn so much about other futurists and find a kinship with those, who like me, see the world a little differently than most. It was surreal talking to the host Peter Hayward and realizing the conversation was live and not a recording. It was also great fun to chat with fellow futurist Heather Benoit Kampa whom I admire greatly.

This came about is part of the Association of Professional Futurists awards that Heather and I won earlier this year.

So, no long post this time, instead listen to the podcast! And if you like it, please subscribe.

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